Our Service

As technology evolves rapidly, it is more important than ever to have an innovation consultant at your side. Whether it’s time to develop or implement a new vision, we can help you find the best technology to solve your toughest business problems – in any industry.

Industry 4.0   –   Internet of Things   –   A.I.   –   Smart Home   –   Smart Cities

Semiconductors are “the smart behind smart” and regularly drive the technological progress of the world behind the scenes. As more and more companies enter the intelligent age of analytics, artificial intelligence and the networked world, semiconductors are able to define and advance this technology – and bring it from its inception to the real world. Braingeneering has extensive experience working with the entire semiconductor ecosystem. Our broad spectrum of tasks and skills includes:

    • Business Development between Europe und Asia
    • Business Plans in the Science & Technology area
    • Sales & Marketing and Business Representation
    • Science & Development
    • Project and Product Management
    • Market Introduction for new products
    • Development of Engineering and Test Strategies
    • Market and Technology Analysis 
    • Growth and Market Introduction Strategies
    • Sourcing & Supply Chain
    • Infrastructure Strategies
    • Outsourcing of Manufacturing, Applications and Infrastruktur
    • Software Development and A.I. of any scale in cooperation with partners