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We support partners from industry and commerce in optimizing the value chain. We offer consulting, coaching and freelance services. Specialities are business development inside Europe and between Asia and Europe.

Technology and industrial consulting are important parts of management consulting. The question for industrial companies is how they can establish themselves permanently on the market. This includes staying innovative and developing new technical solutions, while at the same time maintaining profitable production.

A building block of technology and industry consulting is the critical examination of business processes. The aim is to optimize or eliminate processes that are not conducive to added value.

How can a new technology be used optimally for the company? New challenges in the industry can be tackled or new technical solutions can be developed within the framework of consulting. We help to improve the efficiency of the company by optimizing the use of resources.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, with a focus on microelectronics, and have the expertise and a large network of companies and specialists to optimize your business.